Bridal Makeup

Looking beautiful is every girl’s dream. And when it come to marriage, every girls has her own dreams that look like a celebrity. That expensive wedding jewellery expensive dresses and expensive lehengas on her wedding and that then her wedding. Then it is the turn of us that we give them the look they want, keeping in mind the look of the jewellery and dress of each bride.

We use the makeup cosmetic in it, keeping their skin and skin tone in mind , they use different types of cosmetics on them. Their hairstyle also make keeping in mind their jewelery dresses and face structure. We use different types of cosmetics which are both international and national products, like make-up studio, mac, Bobby Brown, shephora, Hudda beauty and keyolan ect. Different cosmetic with different looks for example- catholic bride, Muslim bride Asian bride, Indian bride, Punjabi bride, Arabic bride. Nude, traditional, glamour, cocktail ect.

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